Entering Thailand as a traveler, you only need $50 covid-19 insurance, but if you are planning to stay here for a while, that’s another story.  In Thailand, the hospitals are separated into 2 sectors.

  1. Government Owned Hospitals: affordable, but very slow.
  2. Private Owned Hospitals: expensive, but very fast.

The government owned hospitals are overcrowded with patients.  Most patients arrive early in the morning to get in line. They usually get to go home around noon.  Some patients have to wait a few months before getting treated.  If you do not believe me, you can try to ask around about “Rat-ta-ban Hospitals โรงพยาบาลรัฐบาล.”


          From my experiences

  • I had dengue fever, and had to spend a few days sleeping in the hospital hallway.  I don’t even know how many people got malaria because of me.
  • My mother’s feet were swollen from sitting on an airplane about 21 flight hours.  She was referred from one doctor to another to another. Three months later, her feet were healed on their own… lol  
dengue fever
swollen feet
  • My cousin was diagnosed with stage 3 Colon Cancer last year.  She was told to wait about 7 months before being treated.  What 7 months?  She would be gone by then.  The longer you wait, the more cancer cells there will be.

In summary, government owned hospitals are overcrowded, and the medical staffs are overwhelmed with workloads.  People would prefer to go to private owned hospitals because you can get treated very fast. You can also go to the hospitals whenever you are sick; no more waking up early in the morning to wait in line.

Would you preferred to pay for expensive medical bills with your saving or let insurance takes care of it?

Retirement Planning

Retirement is a lifestyle.  Would you like to work work work until you turn 65 years old and BOOM, you are retired?  By the time you are 65 years old, you will be too tired!  Look at your parents, are they still active or they just want to stay at home?

What I believe.

I believe when you are young, there are certain things that you want to do.  When you are older, you might want to do something else.  What if I can help you achieve the lifestyle that you want through out your journey?

Health Insurance

If you are retired in the US, your pension will deducted around $300 per month for the cost of Medicare.  What about Thailand? You are pretty much on your own.  When you fall sick, I will be there to support you.  

health insurance

Act fast and furious!

If you talk to cancer patients, all of them would want to buy insurance, but they cannot.  You can buy health insurance when you have good health.  When you have a long term health issue, insurance will not cover pre-existing conditions or you might be rejected.  In some cases, the premiums will be more expensive.




Income Protection

Your income determine your lifestyle!  Whether you are rich, middle or poor, you still have basic needs (foods, shelters, medicines, water, etc).  Rich people are living in expensive houses, middle class are living in the house that they can afford, and the poor are probably renting or have no house.


Is this you?

I will give you a ticket to travel by yourself for 3 months. Will your family be okay?  How about you travel without coming back?  Will your family be okay?  Are they going to have a different lifestyle?  Your child changes school. You spouse has to work harder.  Your relatives have to lend some money to your family?

You are an ATM machine for your family.  You family well being might depends on your income.  If you are not around, your family will lost the ATM machine.  

How about letting an insurance company be an alternative ATM machine?

Wealth Transfer

People die all the time.  We just don’t know when will be our turn to go.  How would you like the next generation to remember you?  What are your legacies? 

Wealth transfer through insurance is another way to write a will or a testament.


When you are gone, your heritage will be divided between your family according to law.  Do you want the ability to choose whoever you want to give to?  What if you want to donate some money to a charity?  In addition, the cash that your beneficiary received from the insurance can be used to pay for the heritage taxes. 

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My name is Garin.  I have lived in the US for 12 years.  I went to high school and colleges in Texas.  I’ve got a degree in Master of Engineering in Aerospace Engineering.  After I graduated, I have decided to move back to Thailand. 

Currently, I am working as an airline pilot for Thai AirAsia.  With the covid-19 outbreaks, the airline are not doing so well, and I have decided to learn about financial planning in order to figure out how to deal with my income problems.

What I have learned is very useful, and I believe that I can help you in accomplish your financial goal.  You are probably good at whatever you are doing.  Let me help you do whatever you love, and I will be your backup plan.  Just in case something goes wrong; I will be there to help your family get back up.

Life Insurance

My Daughter

Her name is Vela, and she is my everything. She was born in 2019, just a month before Covid-19 pandemics.  The airline is not doing so well, and I have been taking care of her almost everyday.  I love her from the bottom of my heart. 

She is one of the reasons that I look into insurance. My income was reduced due to Covid-19, what if one day I have no income?

Investment Consultant

The next picture was taken when my daughter felt sick with Herpangina, a common disease for young child.  Vela would not eat anything, so I tried to encourage her by eating together.  Three days later, I got sick too…. lol

Luckily, the insurances covered all the medical expenses.

both sick
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น้องอิ๋ม พี่เป้
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